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2019-ый год: Цеха по сборке и тестированию KingSpec

Shenzhen KingSpec Electronics Technology focus on SSD only for 11 years since 2007. Main products: Internal SSD-2.5" SATAIII, mSATA, NGFF (M.2), PCIe M.2,External SSD,USB flash drive,USB enclosure, Wifi USB Drive, etc.Companies always put the quality on the most important position, the company's products have passed the FCC, CE, ROHS and other international certification authority. In order to grasp the most cutting-edge technologies, standards and industry dynamics, giving customers the most advanced, most standard, the most reliable products, the company joined the SSDA Association, which is the first in mainland China to join SSDA Association of SSD manufacturers.The company has more than one automatic SMT equipment, with strong production capacity, and by SGS ISO9001: 2008 certification. The company has strong research and development capability, according to different requirements of customers, providing customers with tailor-made OEM, ODM and other services, the company has been cooperating with a number of UMPC manufacturers, Car PC manufacturers, Tablet PC manufacturers,ect.

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